Friday, September 12, 2014

:::My Services::: Diabetes Mellitus/ Hypertension/ Inflammation

This teaching guide is a colorful 25 page manual that includes easy to understand Charts and graphs; instructions of food pluses and Eliminations; the easiest ways to stay fit; and other helpful tips. This guide is comprehensive for children as well as the elderly.
* Hard Copy Manual Only

:::My Services::: 5 Gynecological Cancers

This 9 page colorful Wellness Plan is meant to educate yourself and perhaps others on the signs, symptoms, and prevention of 5 gynecological cancers. 

Within this plan are charts to help you see areas of disease contact, normalcy as opposed to disease, as well as the look of the stages of cancer. 

You will find comfort in learning how to treat this disease through diet, exercise, detox, and other natural therapies.

~All Pics, Charts, and Graphs are tactful~

* Hard Copy Manual Only

:::My Services::: FIVE-4-LIFE Fitness Manual

This Wellness Plan is excellent for those who are trying to get into shape and/ or maintain a quality state of health. 

It has 15 colorful pages that has a comprehensive description of food nutrients that will help you stay in shape inside and out. It entails what to eat before and after your workouts. It gives 5 exercises that will help you maintain good cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility health; as well as "how to" instructions and the number of repetitions for proper body alignment and motivation as you work your way towards good health.

This is a good manual for beginners in fitness or for those who want to lead a fitness group. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


:::LOBIELIA is a strong relaxant and deobstruent (meaning it opens obstructions). It relaxes the stomach (a common problem in asthmatic children) and dilates the bronchial passages. Many people have used it to stop asthma attacks in place of inhalants. 
*Most who are asmatic, are prone to have headaches; most times migraines, because oxygen is not properly being distributed to the brain. This one is also considered to be a wonderful head ache reliever. 
***"Must use with care and consult your Natural Health Practitioner before use to get proper proper dosages"***